Shin Prince of Tennis – Pair Puri Vol. 5 – Muga no Kyouchi


Players who can use Muga
Echizen Ryoma (Seigaku)
Tezuka Kunimitsu (Seigaku)
Kabaji Munehiro (Hyoutei)
Yukimura Seiichi (Rikkai)
Sanada Gen’ichirou (Rikkai)
Niou Masaharu (Rikkai)
Kirihara Akaya (Rikkai)
Chitose Senri (Shitenhouji
Echizen Nanjirou

Notice the Players who can use Muga no Kyouchi
Without thinking, your unconscious body manifests itself into a state where you move with astounding response and explosive power.  That, “Muga no Kyouchi”, can only be attained by a small handful of players.  You can ascertain the characteristics of their activation scenes here and come closer to the true form of Muga. 

The Weaknesses of Muga no Kyouchi
Because your body is materializing what is normally the impossible, your stamina is exhausted at an intensified rate. If you seem to lose consciousness after a match, it can’t be said to be battle ready yet
The Strengths of Muga no Kyouchi
Basically, it is playing unconsciously. All of your movements activated randomly based on things you’ve already seen. With that you gain the advantage of having your opponent being unable to predict your next move.


The 3 Doors Beyond Muga no Kyouchi

Ten’imuhou no Kiwami

With this state, the power of Muga stored within the body amplifies and explodes without any waste and allows humans to be able to pull off the impossible. This is the Sealed Door.

Saikikanpatsu no Kiwami

By Activating Muga in the user’s brain, the user can simulate all possibilities for how the match will develop. The user can create an “absolute prediction” for the course of the match.

Hyakuren Jitoku no Kiwami

Concentrating the Explosive power of Muga into a single arm, things like Power and Spin can be returned with double the force. It also restrains the consumption of stamina


Deciding not to use Muga no Kyouchi

Though Yukimura can use Muga no Kyouchi, when playing his match he did not activate it.  Against a higher level opponent, “Muga no Kyouchi’s” unpredictability is ineffective and the Techniques of Muga are easily returned.  Furthermore, the Secondary effect of stamina exhaustion makes Muga unfit for long battles. If you’re at the level where you can see through the strength of your opponent, there is the choice to not use Muga.


Try to get close to the true form of Muga no Kyouchi!

It can be said that it is possible that “Muga no Kyouchi” occurs for the rare top class player when there is a fusion of “Peak Experience” and “Zone State”. The phenomenon of activating unconsciously shows that an ordinary man does not have the mental capacity of activating Muga no Kyouchi.


Players who have broken into “Zone”, which allows the Limit on Play Levels to improve, can use their mental abilities to reach “Muga no Kyouchi” by just stopping short from breaking through the limits of the human body.

Peak Experience and Zone State

“Peak Experience” is the supreme personal experience where it’s as if everything but just the sound of the surroundings vanishes and an odd ability to concentrate manifests and you remember a sensation of what is normally appears to be in impossible. Also, when Top Class Player can move according to an image in their heads is the “Zone State”


Search for the Players closest to Muga no Kyouchi!

Which Players have the ability to obtain “Muga no Kyouchi” from here on out? Regarding the 3 doors beyond Muga, Here is a prediction about the player types who have the latent potential to optain them. The Basis for judgement will be their high abilities and their ability to concentrate.


Who else can probably hold Ten’imuhou no Kiwami

To Reach the top which is said to surpass Muga, Kintarou and Jirou have the promise and thelatent potentials due to enjoying tennis form the very bottom of their hearts.


Saiki Kanpatsu no Kiwami
has whom closest to it?

Basically having the meaning of being able to read the developments, Yanagi and Inui with their Data Tennis, They are already close to having the abilities of Saiki Kanpatsu in their matches. These 2 are the ones capable of attaining it.


Hyakuren Jitaku no Kiwami can be attained by?

The one close to “Muga” has to be the one called the “Bible”, Shiraishi. If you consider his mental capacities and his techniques to control his body, the Door beyond Muga he can open has to be Hyakuren. There is no one besides him

Is this Muga no Kyouchi, or is it…?

Niou’s “Illusion” and Kabaji’s “Copy” can reproduce Muga. However,whether this is really the attainment of “Muga no Kyouchi” is heavily argued.

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